Saturday, January 24, 2009

9 Weeks to Showtime!

Okay, a blog is totally dull and boring with pictures. I get it. So, picture on the left was taken a few days ago at 9+ weeks out from my next show. Picture on the right was taken 2 days before the Ironman in October '08. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've put some good size on my back in the last few months. My shoulders are not so wimpy anymore either. And...I think I'm starting to grow a butt...maybe? Rich?
Obviously I'm not nearly as lean as I was in October, but I'm thinking if I can hold onto a lot of this muscle I may actually do okay in March.
Not much exciting at 9 weeks out. Ordered my new suit yesterday. That was fun and cool's BLACK!!! And it will be H-O-T...smokin' hot!!
The diet also changes at 9 weeks. I'm cutting. Yep, cutting more stuff. It's all very classified and confidential, so I cannot disclose the details, but let's just say the days of 300g of carbs and 3000 calories are now what I call the "glory days". No change in training or cardio this week, just the food is taking a hit. Ah yes, and I started tanning again. Granted it's great to hit the lights for a bit during these dark, gloomy, Seattle winter days, but really, busy moms like me have no time for this kind of thing.

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