Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 and 12 Weeks

Holy Buckets!!! It's already 2009 and it's ONLY 12 weeks until the Vancouver show on March 28th!

JB took me to Tacoma on Tuesday to meet with Dave Patterson, who I've dubbed "The Guru". It's really fun to pay someone to tell you where all your physical flaws stuff! I'm hoping to lose the saddlebags, shed the excess skin from my belly and add muscle just about everywhere. In 12 weeks. Okay, not so much. I'm in it for the long haul and Dave says that I'll probably find my ideal physique in 3 years. So, for all of you who are wondering when I'll be buying new boobs...the answer is now: 3 YEARS!!! :) By then I shouldn't be lugging around 5 year old twin daughters anymore.

My new nutrition plan has a pretty significant cut in carbs...down to 200g and an increase in protein to 225g and my fat is down to 25g. Oh my body just does not like low carbs and yes, my body thinks 200g is LOW!! Just wait, anybody who remembers "Low Carb Julie" will want to stay far away from me in about 4 weeks. (except my chatty workout're stuck!!)

Also got a new training plan. A 5 day split with 1 minute rest intervals. This should be fun...lose the creatine, decrease the reps, decrease the carbs...definitely won't be feeling like She-Ra anymore.

Norton has promised to start taking photos next week, so I'll start posting progress shots early next week.

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