Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New Game Plan

Okay, so, I got a little crazy these last 3 weeks since the Olympia show. I was doing a lot of "eating because I can" and not clean stuff. As a result, I sit here a good bit fluffier than I like. Granted, I know that generally speaking, I still look very lean and fit, but it's not comfortable for me, especially 20 weeks out from my next competition.

Enter, Jon.

Jon set up a great diet program and training program for me to follow. I'm only 3 days into it today (and it's still early in the morning), but I already feel better and feel like I will lean back out quickly with all the clean calories. I think the biggest challenge for me is going to be giving up the morning oats in favor of egg whites and broccoli/spinach (ewww!) Two mornings a week I will be doing fasted cardio at 5:30am and the other 2-3 cardio days will be "carbless" at 9:30. The other two mornings I can have my oats....and I'll be in hog heaven! :) Aside from the morning nutrition, the diet seems really great...all carbs are front-loaded and it seems like this will be easy to follow without having to be too crazy about it. But let's get real, following a diet like this isn't really normal. ;)

I trained with Jon last night and had an incredible workout. My lats and calves are already sore this morning and I LOVE it!!!! I'll probably continue to train with him whenever my schedule allows. He is a great "pusher" and keeps on task. ;)

Weekly weigh ins and body fat measurements start this Sunday, November 16th! Yikes!!!

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