Friday, October 10, 2008

The "RE-Feed"

So, I've hired my trainer, Derek, to do my nutrition now in addition to my training. He worked up a meal plan for me for this week that alternates between 2500 and 3000 calories and training and non-training days. I'm just going to admit it right here, right now...I've lost sleep over this diet. It is dramatically different from any of the plans Ashley had me on. A lot more food, a lot more carbs and far less restrictive. Well, the idea here is to ramp up my calories this week and get my metabolism revved back up and then next week we'll cut it back down. He said my calories next week will be around 2000/day along with intense daily cardio (YIPPEE!!!) I'm not going to lie to you, I love eating all this oatmeal. I am a girl who loves herself some carbs and I'm in oatmeal heaven right now. Not to mention, it's really nice having my sugar-free creamer back in my coffee for a few days.

Okay, enough about food. Let's talk about competition prep. I'm just over a week out today. I'm training intense and heavy. I'm not one of those people who carries a lot of water so I get to train heavy right up to competition (oh wait, yes, that is water you see, I'm not really 4 months pregnant!) I'm going to get lo-lights put in my hair and go back to dark, I think. I'm just not a blonde. It's not me. Plus as all my boardie friends pointed out, the dark hair makes my eyes stand out more. I have to agree. So, the hair will get colored and cut too, I think. The blonde killed my hair...the ends are DEAD!!! Ick! Let's see, I'm going to have Christie sew hooks on my suit to hold the butt up on my two piece and put more hooks in the neck to hoist the ladies up.

I'm not nearly as stressed about this competition as I was for Ironman. Getting the first one out of the way was the hard part. I don't expect to place or bring home a trophy (although, let's not beat around the bush, that is the ultimate goal in all of this) but I do think it will be great practice getting on stage and working it again.

Stay tuned for fun updates on peak week cardio! I think this calls for fresh tunes on my Shuffle!!! :)

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