Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Low Carbs Suck!!!!

I can train in the gym all day if I had to and I would love it, but this dieting down for the show is CRAP!!!! I feel like sh*t. I did 90 minutes of cardio today: 1 hour spin this morning with 30 minutes on the eliptical this evening after my leg workout. 125g of clean carbs today. I had to increase my sweet potato tonight because I felt so so bad. Like I was going to pass out. Sorry, not worth it. So I had 5oz of sweet potato instead of 2oz...shoot me!

Tomorrow night I am working with Tanji. Hopefully I'll look okay in my suits. I'm worried that I'm just not lean enough, but I'll be getting in two more cardio sessions before then.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday at this point. I'm pretty wiped out, but I'm trying hard to keep my focus and stay dialed in. I just keep thinking how great it's going to be to start my bulking diet next week...ah, oats! :)

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