Sunday, September 28, 2008


Okay, folks, here's where the rubber meets the road.

I can't believe this is "the week of" my competition. The last 11 weeks have gone by so fast and I am really proud at the progress I have made in such a short time. And mostly, I feel READY to kick some major "figure" ass!!! Look out girls!!! :-)

So, just to let you all know, peak week is gonna suck. My diet starts tomorrow and let's see...I get a boat load of green beans and white fish for the first half of the week and then I will carb load at the end of the week (that's the fun part!)

Yesterday I started working with a new posing coach, Ursula, from my gym. She's been a figure athlete for a very long time and was very helpful to me yesterday. She's going to work with me throughout the week, run me thru dress rehearsals, etc.

On my to-do list today:
  • tan
  • shop for bracelet and dangly earrings for two piece suit
  • begin Jan Tana treatments
  • pick up Vitamin C and Potassium supplements at GNC
  • Train upper body (can't forget the workout)
  • start packing my bag (this figure stuff is an awful lot like preparing for childbirth...but that's another post)

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