Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Days To Go

I had really intended to blog everyday this week so I would be able to look back and remember exactly how I was feeling throughout peak week, but it's been really crazy busy and time has not allowed.

So, to re-cap: Monday-Wednesday were ultra low-carb days with only carbs being 40g of oats in the morning at 27g of carbs total for the day along with sodium loading on Mon/Tues, deplete on Wednesday and have been drinking 2+ gallons of water all week. Let me just say, the tilapia and halibut are swimming now!!! My body likes carbs. My body functions best on a higher carb diet, so this week has been painful. My body and my brain are just plain TIRED. By the end of the day just moving is hard. So as one can imagine, pushing any weight around in the gym is quite the challenge. Thank God for light weight circuit workouts!

Yesterday afternoon was my final workout. We trained legs and went fairly light, to failure. It now feels like I have done all the training I can do and now it's time to see how I fared in building these last 12 weeks.

Today begins carb-loading. Started off with 40g of oats. YUM! I will be posing this morning at 10:30, followed by a whole lot of waxing (OUCH!) this afternoon, then a group posing session in Renton with Tanji again for a final dress rehearsal. Taking Kristie with me for moral support, suit support, photography and think she'll enjoy it as well since she WILL be competing herself in the next couple years. :)

Got my nails French manicured last night. They look great. This whole "getting beautiful" business is hard work and I know with 4 kids and all the work around the house and gym stuff the nails will not last (they are not fake, however). Going to start packing my bag today so I am ready to go tomorrow! I can't believe the big day is finally right around the corner!

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