Friday, August 22, 2008

A Little Set-Back

Our family has been struck by a stomach virus this week. Tuesday afternoon it hit me with a vengeance! I lost 5lbs between Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. Really really really...could the timing be ANY worse???!!! I am still not quite 100% and am still trying to get the calories that I need. Yesterday I only managed to eek out 1500 calories, 1000 short of my goal. :( So, I'm cheating tonight...a big order of Phad Thai! YUM! And I might just follow that with a Blizzard!

Tomorrow is 6 weeks from competition and I feel like I have so much yet to do. Not only do I need to put on some serious size in 6 weeks, but all the little, tanning, suits, etc etc.

I decided not to post my progress pictures for this week because I didn't really like them. hah! We were in a bit of a hurry and the suit I was wearing just wasn't working with the body. So, more shots on Tuesday and I will surely post them.

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