Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Feel Skinny, Oh So Skinny

I feel like I am eating ALL THE TIME and I am still not gaining weight. In fact, yesterday I was down 2 pounds and was hoping that including a cheat meal for dinner last night might boost me back up, but NOPE, I am still down this morning. Argh!

I am currently creatine-loading and can definitely feel the increase in strength during my workouts. I am able to lift significantly more than I was before creatine. Hopefully with a few weeks of this my size will increase. I am really not worried about shredding down before the competition, just mostly worried if I can put on the size I need to be competitive with the other girls.

More pictures yesterday morning. I decided to start taking them in my bikini because it is easier to see the cuts in the lower abs and groin area. Julie N. rocks and is doing an awesome job of capturing my progress on film...not to mention being a fabulous cheerleader thru this process!

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