Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Protect Your Upgrade

When you go through a personal transformation, it's kind of like "upgrading" yourself in the same way you would computer software. Once you have gone through a transformation and experienced personal growth and change, you usually don't respond to your circumstances and situations the way you did "before." And if the people around you have not gone through the upgrade process with you, receiving "updates" along the way, chances are, they are not able to interact with you in the way that they once did. 

This is not a bad thing but it does mean that they will need to receive the upgrade if they are going to continue being in relationship with you. When you no longer respond and react to people and things the way you did before your upgrade, your friends won't know what to do with you if they don't have the upgrade. It's basically like getting to know you all over again. You're still you...but you're not. 

Here's the thing: not everyone that knew you before is worthy of receiving the upgraded version of you. Not everyone in your life is designed to go the distance with you and not everyone in your circle is "for" you. After your upgrade, you need to guard yourself and use discernment in your relationships. Not everyone is happy to see your growth. Not everyone wants to help you on your path to personal improvement. People that aren't willing to change themselves usually have a hard time watching and supporting other people who want to grow and change.

Personally, I think the upgrade is a huge blessing because it allows you a fresh start so to speak. It allows you to determine who you want in your circle...who deserves to be in your circle. You have to protect this new, upgraded version of you. Not everybody deserves to know you intimately. You should always be authentic and real, but there are many people you need to keep at arm's length if you want to continue to grow and change. The upgraded version of you can't go back to old ways and some people are "old ways." 

It's perfectly okay (and recommended), to be authentically you to everybody - whether it is social media, work, school, church, etc - but that doesn't mean that all of those people get to be in the circle of people you are vulnerable with...the people who you let see all parts of you because you know they are not going to judge and condemn you but they genuinely want to help you grow and heal. 

Protect your upgrade. It's ok for some people to expect you to respond the way the previous version of you did. It's ok for them to never get the full upgraded version. Protect yourself, protect your growth. 

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