Wednesday, September 2, 2015

God Time - 9/2 Focus

Every morning I do cardio before the rest of my family is awake. It has for many years been my "me time", but since I began walking with Jesus about a year and a half ago, that time for me has shifted and has become the quiet moments I spend alone with God. It's my "God time." I talk to God all day long about everything but when I'm doing my morning cardio, I use that time to get close, pray and make sure my mind is focused on the right things.

I decided yesterday that I am going to start writing about some of my thoughts from my morning "God Time." I've always proclaimed that my best thoughts and ideas come while I'm doing cardio, but now that I use that time differently (in my thoughts) it has changed my life even more.

One thing I have always struggled with is focus. I am easily distracted from one idea to another, from one task/chore to another and it doesn't usually work very well for me. It leaves me flustered and not quite as productive as I know I could be. This is something I've really been working on, especially in the last month as we have moved to a new home and it has been a good time for new beginnings and new habits.

This morning, one of the first devotions I read was about directing our thoughts and being focused on God thoughts and blessing others. So, I went to the gym with this going through my mind. But I realized how easily distracted I became...

"I wish I could teach that person how to properly swing a kettle bell."
"I have to go grocery shopping today. I wonder if I have time on my way home from the gym."
"What should I make for dinner tonight?"
"Don't forget to put the trash bins out when you get home."

My mind was all over the place...and none of my thoughts were on God and setting my mind straight for the day ahead. I had to refocus myself several times and one of the ways I chose to do that was through my music. I really love to listen to worship music while I am on the step mill (it doesn't work so well for other things but I can step to it.) I brought up my "Faith" playlist and started zeroing in on the lyrics which brought me back to where I needed to front of God.

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