Saturday, November 26, 2011

OTA in Detail

I used the increase in calories this week to maximize my workouts. I adjusted my training split so that I was training my big muscle groups or lagging body parts on days when I had an excess of calories. Does it make much of a difference? Don't know, but I definitely have more energy and power in the gym when I'm good and carb'ed up! I trained legs on Wednesday night (pre-Thanksgiving), delts on Thanksgiving, back on Friday and legs again tonight (Saturday). I had a post-workout Blizzard on the agenda with a friend, so I wanted to make sure I earned it. Earn it, I did!

32 sets of legs!!! Holy buckets! It was a big workout. OTA!!!

Leg Extensions superset with Leg Curls (no rest between sets and minimal rests between supersets) - 8 sets each, reps ranging between 8 and 12
RDL's - 7 sets of 10
Squats - 7 sets of 8 to 10 (alternating between sumo and narrow stance) superset with seated calf raises

Finished the legs off with 30 minutes on the elliptical and then off to Dairy Queen for the Blizzard of the month - caramel nut roll. More peanuts than caramel...shoulda gone for chocolate. I do Blizzards about once a year, so the chocolate Blizzard is a ways off. Oh well.

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