Friday, June 24, 2011

My Destination

How often do you leave your house to go somewhere but you don't have a particular destination in're just going? Not very often, I'm sure. I know I never leave my house simply because I think I should "go somewhere". I always have a destination in mind...I'm not driving aimlessly about trying to decide where to go or what to do. I go with purpose.

For me, in the gym, not having a specific goal would be like getting in my car and who knows particular destination in mind. I thrive on very specific goals. My training is haphazard with no specific goal. I don't usually miss a workout, but I haven't been following any specific plan, therefore, I haven't been seeing any specific results.

I love goals and I love having a plan. I had a goal to open a gym in 5 years. I knew the steps I would need to take to get there. I had the vision for making it happen. It opened in 1 year, not 5, but who's counting? I think this is part of why I didn't enjoy being a stay-at-home-mom. I didn't have any goals - aside from trying to make sure that I did the collars and the buttons right on my husband's shirts every time I ironed them. No, being a full time domesticated wife and mother was not very fulfilling for me because there was really no opportunity for improvement or advancement. I am absolutely not down-playing the SAHM role. It is a hard ass job, I know first hand! It just wasn't for me. Some women dig it, I personally do not. No judgement from me...just speaking on my own behalf.

With my destination in site, I have been 100% focused this week. I have been 5/5 on my 4am cardio sessions. I have, so far, hit 3/4 PM cardio sessions. I was on target yesterday but my dad, who was coming for my kids, got into a car accident and well, cardio was definitely not a priority at that point. (yes, he's fine) I have hit every lifting session and been focused and stayed out of my office during my workout. My nutrition has been 100% locked in all week! I can already see change. I can feel the change. I asked Dave yesterday if I was crazy for thinking I could already see change..."You're not crazy! When you follow the right plan, you see the right results!" 

I know my destination, I've got my plan...gonna work the plan and unwrap the package!

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