Friday, June 3, 2011

Missing This

Hmmmm, never thought I would say this, but I miss those days...well, kind of. And only in certain moments, only lasting for brief moments. 
...And then I'm glad...go back? No thanks! Those were the days when life was about survival. Kind of the thing with twins - you're so busy "surviving" it you almost forget to enjoy it. I definitely miss being able to hold them both at the same time - each in one arm. Now it's a bit more challenging and they're far too heavy for me to carry them up the stairs to bed together anymore. When they "need" at the same time it's a hard call: which one do you hold first? I am blessed to be having this experience...hard work, no doubt.

My babies are off to kindergarten in September. It's a little bit crazy! I've stopped wondering when it's going to get "easy" as I've realized the answer is...NEVER! It's sort of like I tell my clients..."It will get easiER but it will never be easy" (if it is you're doing it wrong) I guess the same thing applies to parenting in general, especially parenting multiples.

On those days (and they are many) when I wonder to myself..."how did I get here and are these kids really ALL mine?"...I remind myself (ok, I try really hard to) I am so blessed. They'll be waking any moment now and I'm about to be blessed by major chaos!!! :)

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