Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back to My Gratitudes

I've gotten side-tracked, but I fully intend to finish all 100 gratitudes. It just may take a little longer than I originally planned. It's much harder than I thought it would be - of course there are easily 100 things in my life I am grateful for...and more...but it's challenging to bring them to the forefront and put them on "paper." What would really be smart of me to do is to carry around a notebook so I can write them down as I think of them. I try to store far too much information in my head...and then it gets lost.

36. Nancy - for making an AMAZING preschool possible for my girls
37. Kristie - it's true, some friendships are "seasonal", but some of those seasonal friendships make such an impact on your life that when they're over and gone you're left with a whole in your heart. For supporting me, encouraging me and strengthening me when I needed to end my marriage, I am forever grateful to Kristie.
38. My "other house" - my gym. I've never experienced sheer joy walking into a place. Every single time I walk through the door I am instantly happy and grateful to be doing what I LOVE
39. My grad pin - when I was 5 and graduated kindergarten my grandfather gave me this cheesy graduation pin. He died shortly after that day and it's been the one thing that I've kept with me my entire life. I pulled it out this week when my own girls graduated preschool. Sometimes it is silly things that are simple reminders of how much we are loved.
40. Flower pots - insta-happy for me! Digging in the dirt is like easy therapy
41. My miscarriage - while one of the most painful events of my life, the growth and friendships that came into my life have been amazing gifts. The things I have learned about myself I would have learned no other way.
42. My baristas - my gratitude list would not be complete without a shoutout to my baristas who spoil me every day! I never have to "order" my drink, they just know and they are totally awesome, smiling faces to start my day.
43. My bartender - can't leave him out either. Love having a bartender that knows you well enough you can walk in and say "surprise me" when he asks what you'll be drinking. So far he hasn't let me down yet!
44. Mrs. Barton - my son's 1st grade teacher - a godsend! The woman has picked up all my messy pieces this year and has been incredible for my son. Thank you for being in my village!
45. Rebecca - my sister - the woman who learned the art of manifestation at a very early age. "I have horses...they're 'over there' just can't see them, only I can." She always got in trouble for lying but sure as shit, she has horses 'over there'. Love having a big sister I can look up to.
46. Erik - I couldn't ask for a better co-parent and better father for my daughter. To not have to pick up the "daddy pieces" is a huge blessing.

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