Saturday, May 21, 2011

Twins' Take on Losing Their Gym Daycare

My girls have been going to the daycare at our local Gold's Gym since they were 2 months old. Many times twice a day for two hours each time...especially when I was competing! The women in that daycare are like family to my children. The owner recently made the decision to close the daycare facility which actually seems like a reasonable and probably smart business move. The method in which he went about it...maybe not so cool.

My girls are trying to understand the idea that the daycare is now closed...forever. The toys are gone. The staff is done. The lights are out. Children are no longer allowed at Gold's. My children aren't concerned with the big picture, they're all about the details.

"Is it because all the parents took the toys? Where did they take them?"
"Well, what about the Goldfish and the Fruit Snacks? Did they leave too? What did they do with them? Throw them away? How come adults don't want to buy Goldfish and Fruit Snacks?"
"Why don't they want kids to come to the gym anymore?"

For my kids who have for years, gone every single day to Gold's Gym daycare this is just plain "weird." They don't really understand, but fortunately...I have an answer..."Mommy built you your very own gym to play in. You don't need Gold's." And yes, it flies and it flies very, very well with them!

When Hannah was 18 months old she was "kicked out" of the Gold's daycare for 3 weeks...THREE WEEKS...for pushing another child. Very reasonable for a child her know, give her some time to think about what she'd done. Punish her and punish her good. Yeah, after this little "episode" the policy got changed. A stay at home mom of 4 and you're denying me gym time because my 18 month old pushed another kid. Get out! I think it was this incident that must have been what sparked the need to build my own gym. Ya know, if you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Obviously, I'm not too bothered by the fact that the daycare is closed. I'm sad, yes. My kids miss it and I will certainly miss the convenience of it at times as well. But, I built my own gym for me...and my kids. If only they would quit tearing up the place every time they come in. Hey...perfection may be asking just a bit too much. :)

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