Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gratitudes 13-21

The list continues! So far I am really enjoying this exercise. Although, I need to keep a log with me so I can write them down as they come to me. 

13. Really yummy, fruity red wine: This seems to be self-explanitory but I am grateful to red wine for giving me that irie feeling at the end of a long day with the kids...or just because it's yummy and it's fun to drink with friends.
14. Greenlake: I could never possibly count the number of laps I have taken around that lake. I lived 1/2 mile from the lake with Natalie and it was my place of sanity, where I would go to process. It was also where I spent a lot of time with really special friends.
15. Dave: For believing in me when I had no belief in myself, for knowing I could and would push through and come out on the other side. And mostly for the tough love when it was time for me to start believing in myself and learning to trust myself.
16. Caffeine: Again, seems to not need an explanation but - let's see, an early morning jump start, a kick to morning cardio, an adrenaline boost to a lift and just plain sanity.
17. Dumbbells & Barbells: They really are a girl's best friend. physique-shaping tools for the hottest bodies. Good therapy. Aggression release. 
18. Top Foods Parking Lot: a good reminder that I still "got it"
19. Big Hugs from Little Kids: I don't think there is anything I love more in life than when my children wrap their little arms around my neck and squeeze me as hard as they can with all the love they have. Those are the moments I wish I could bottle up and save forever.
20. Elaine: For adding the tiara to the mix. "Cape Finders" are wonderful, but it takes a special person to provide the tiara. For being all things positive to so many people
21. Angels: From one of the most painful experiences of my life came so many wonderful blessings and lessons and I am eternally grateful for the lessons and the friendships I gained from losing.

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