Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Ducky

This is kind of off-topic for what I normally post, but this story is so sweet. It seems like these days you don't hear about these acts of kindness anymore, so I wanted to share this particularly heart-warming story.

My son, Brenden, is 6 years old. He has a yellow, stuffed ducky that he has slept with for several years now. "Ducky" has been well loved and has been sewn a few times now by my mother. The kids were able to take their blankets or stuffed animals to school if they wanted. Ducky had another hole in him as a result of all of Brenden's lovin'. One day on the bus ride home, Brenden left Ducky on the seat where he'd been sitting. Although like most boys, Brenden was in a mad dash to get off the bus, get home and eat his snack so he could go outside and play with the neighbor boys as soon as possible...he didn't even notice Ducky was gone...until bedtime. Of course, at 6 he doesn't cry and throw a fit like my 4 year olds do when the beloved Ducky is missing.

The next afternoon Brenden came home with his Ducky. He was very proud to show me that the hole had been neatly sewn up. "My friend Melleny took my Ducky home and she and her mom sewed up the hole!" It was precious! My son was so pleased that his friend had taken the time to fix his Ducky and I was a little teary eyed at the sweet gesture myself.

Melleny's birthday is coming up and Brenden must go because..."Mom, she's the one that sewed my Ducky." I think it's pretty sweet that he is so grateful and hasn't forgotten her kind gesture. We should all be more like Melleny, looking out for others.

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