Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where's My Mojo???

I've been really motivated to train as of late. My workouts have been going very well, I'm back to my old training split that has worked very well for me in the past and I've really been liking it. I've gone into my workouts with plenty of energy and have been feeling really strong. ...Until Thursday...

I went to the gym Thursday to train chest and follow it with cardio. I really just wasn't "feeling it" when I walked in the gym, but figured once I got started I'd be just fine. Did my 6 sets of bench press and was feeling weak and tired and totally in a funk. My body felt tired and almost that low blood sugar feeling you get. I ended up leaving 20 minutes into my workout thinking I'd have my groove back on Friday. No problem Friday with my morning cardio, but come Friday afternoon leg training...not workin' so well. I managed to get in a halfway decent leg workout and an additional 20 minutes on the step mill. I was tired.

I came home and crashed on my couch. My 14 year old asked if I was feeling alright. "You usually have tons of energy and you've been sleepy all day. Are you sick?" No, not sick, but definitely very, very tired. I think the early mornings and the nights of not sleeping very well have started to catch up with me. Typicaly "Julie-fashion" would be to push through the tired and force myself to train even when my body clearly needs to rest. I was pretty pleased with myself that I'm finally starting to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I'm still not taking full days off, but at least I'm starting to be able to back off when my body needs it.

Today is just cardio and tomorrow may be the same, we'll see. Hoping that if I back off for a few days and get caught up on my sleep I'll be getting my mojo back Monday for a big week of training!!!

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