Sunday, August 15, 2010

RT 2010

In case you didn't know, Rob Thomas is my very favorite music artist of all time. I've seen him every time he's been to the Seattle area since 1999 except for one when I was either getting married or being VERY pregnant. I can't recall which it was. So I found out in late April that Rob was coming to Seattle in August. My ex-husband has a knack for scoring amazing seats for concerts, so I contacted him right away and asked if he'd be willing to hook me up. He ended up getting me two 3rd row seats!!! SCORE! My ticket was a gift for Mother's Day that I got to collect on Thursday night.

My friend Julie went with me and we had an amazing time. We went to the Woodman Lodge in Snoqualmie first for drinks and appetizers and...insanely amazing desserts. The carrot cake was to die for...sinful! It was so much fun to be hanging out with a great friend on a gorgeous summer day and going to see ROB THOMAS!

 It was 85 degrees on Thursday and a perfect night to watch Rob Thomas at the Snoqualmie Casino. I've never seen a concert at that was gorgeous and intimate and perfect. Well, maybe not so intimate for those "general admission" people in the back, but definitely intimate from the 3rd row. Both Julie and I got home and looked online to see who else is playing out there this summer. If you're local to the Seattle area, I highly recommend seeing a show out there in the summer. In fact, it almost makes me want to see Huey Lewis and the News...almost.

It was a fabulous night all around. Absolutely, positively unforgettable. Big thanks to Brett for scoring the amazing tickets for me and Jules. And a big thanks to Jules for enjoying a calorie-free, Rob-filled summer night with me.

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  1. Haha, I thought the same thing with Huey Lewis and the News! That was an amazing night! Thank you for inviting me!