Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Update on Doing Nothing

Yesterday about the time I'd normally be getting ready to go to the gym, my daughter Natalie asks me why I'm not getting ready for the gym. I told her I was on a break. "What kind of break?" she asked. "Like a week or two" I told her. "Wow, are you going to be okay?" she asked. She knows me too well. The gym is my sanity and she knows it. Yesterday (day 2) I did get a little anxious and wanted to be able to go work off some stress but my body was too tired and overruled any ideas my mind had about breaking my break.

It's day 3 and my body is still tired and really I have absolutely zero desire to go to the gym. Today I am not only tired, but really, really hungry. I had to text Dave about that one because I knew there was a reason for it but wasn't sure what it was. I like to know "why" things are happening. Basically, the body is protecting itself for the next time I start "hunting" (training and dieting like a freak) again. Hunger causing me to eat more to gain muscle and fat. I'm keeping the foods really clean and keeping the carbs in check while still allowing myself to satisfy the hunger.

I'm getting all kinds of things done that normally I don't have time for with my gym schedule. I'm sure my house will be looking better than ever at the end of these 2 weeks. My kids are already enjoying the extra time with me, although, Hannah was begging me to take them to the gym this morning.

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