Friday, July 16, 2010

A New Kind of Leg Training

Gone are my "build-a-butt" days. Gone are the days when I would squat 235lbs. I trained my body to grow my legs and my butt and it did that. I ate to grow and I grew! I outgrew my pants. I like the new butt, but I'm not lovin' the legs. They're lean and they're solid, but I'm just not sure I like them this size. So, I'm training for maintenance right now until I get lean enough to determine exactly how big they really are. After all, we always have LESS muscle than we think!

The new training plan is light weight high reps. Although, I have to admit, today when I was doing RDLs I got frustrated by the light weight that I threw on an extra 90lbs. Oops. I love the feeling of lifting heavy. Alright, so here's what my workout looked like:

Overhead Squats - 5 x 20
Parrillo Pelvic Presses - 5 x 20

RDLs - 5 x 25
Bulgarian Split Squats

Overhead Step-Ups
Stationary Barbell Lunges

Single Leg Leg Press 3 x 15
Leg Extension 3 x 20

Finished 'er off with 30 minutes of intervals on the eliptical, maxing the heart rate at 178, averaging 164. I was a'sweattin!

I did a lot of overhead training so I was getting a full body workout, which helped me feel like I was working harder with the lighter weights. The pelvic presses fry my's my new favorite addition to my leg training!

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