Friday, June 18, 2010

2 Days "Clean"

I sort of feel like I'm in a 12 step program, all I need is a sponsor!! Anyone?

Okay, so I just wanted to quickly share some of the cool changes I've noticed in just one day without excessive caffeine:

Last night was the first night in a very long time that I have slept the whole night without waking up once!!! This is huuuuge!!! I didn't wake up until my alarm went off. I fixed myself some green tea and put it in my stainless steel coffee traveler and went off to the studio to train. I was dragging a bit for the first hour, for sure, but nothing I couldn't power through.

Last night after my lift, I spent 45 minutes on the step mill. "Normal" heart rate range for me during intense steady state cardio is usually 155-162. Over the last 9 weeks I've noticed that my heart rate is markedly higher than normal, usually 166-174 during steady state cardio. Last night I hovered right around 160 and this morning was high 150's, low 160's. A big difference. However, my PRE (perceived rate of exertion) was exactly the same this morning as it typically has been. My sweat drip didn't start until about 20 minutes in and has usually been around 12 minutes. Boring to most folks but makes me go...."hmmmmm, interesting."

It's 1:20pm on my second day of caffeine sobriety and so far, I do not have a headache to speak of. I'm about ready to make my 3rd cup of green tea. Not really missing the coffee, actually, but I do have a pair of BSN's Atro Phex in a cup next to my sink that seems to be calling me to take them...not gonna happen!!

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