Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Good to be Back!!!

...nearly 5 weeks post contest...finally, I have my body back!!!!!

It has been, by far, THE worst post-contest rebound in Emerald Cup history. Okay, maybe not Emerald Cup history, but at least my history. I cannot remember ever feeling quite as horrible as I have these last few weeks. As much as I knew that it was only temporary and that it would not last forever, it was really hard to be patient with the process my body was going through as a result of overdosing on diuretics.

I guess I would say I am on a "contest diet", although, I am not suffering. I'm certainly having plenty to eat, but everything is super clean and lots and lots of veggies!!! I'm doing pre-contest cardio, for sure. 45 minutes in the morning with 30-45 in the afternoon. It doesn't feel like a chore, I'm enjoying it, so I'll keep doing it. I do my longer sessions on the weekends...70 minutes in the morning, 30 in the afternoon. And my training is HEAVY and I'm loving it again! No more "Training ADD".

I was really lucky to have a friend who has gone through the same experience before who held my hand the whole time, giving me advice and encouragement. I really don't know what I would have done without her help. It was a very foreign feeling to me and to have someone to tell me that what I was feeling was "normal" (for the circumstances) and that it would go away, was quite reassuring.

The body continues to fascinate me. My body is dropping fat so fast it's kind of insane. Pants that I couldn't get over my hips on Saturday are loose on me today. I love that the body has memory and it just knows what to do. Totally freakin' fascinating...this is why I'm so passionate about this's just amazing what our bodies can do. And I have to say...although he's disowned me, I still gotta give him big ups...everything I know, or rather, all the right things I know, I learned from Dave. The man is the Guru, I don't care what anyone says, the guy knows his shit better than anyone and I'm lucky to have learned as much as I did from him. I was his sponge and sucked it all's good stuff!!

I'm still a couple more weeks from being where I'd like to maintain over the summer, but it'll come easy...well, not easy but, it'll happen with the program I've got in place. And then, we'll think about the "do over".......


  1. I ran accross your blog after seeing you at the Emerald Cup. I was there to cheer on a friend that was in the competition. I am a newly divorced mom too.... and you are inspirational. Can you give an idea of what you eat?? Recipes, how you prepare your food. etc??

  2. Hi there...this transformation article has a fairly detailed outline of my diet. This is pretty much my tried & true plan, it works well for me, so I don't change it up too much except during contest prep. Hope you find it helpful!