Saturday, May 8, 2010

Better Everyday

Quick daily check in on the REBOUND!! :) Nothing profound, but here's where I'm at...

Still water loading with 2+ gallons a day. I'm hitting pretty close to 2 1/2 when you factor in my Xtend consumption and a couple cups of green tea. Definitely 2 gallons of JUST water. I've decided that water is a miracle drug!!! I'm keeping the food ultra clean and have found it necessary to drop my carbs by about 50g/day, especially after about noon, which is when I tend to experience the most bloating.

Finally did heavy weights yesterday and busted through a great shoulder workout and finished off with 8x8 Olympic bar bicep curls with 20 seconds rests. Holy crap, my arms felt like they were going to EXPLODE!!! It's pretty insane! I've decided I'm definitely NOT going to shy away from the heavy weights in my desperate attempts to "fix" myself.

Hit up the stepmill this morning for the first time in a couple about Parrillo style cardio. I think I left a few pounds of water on that machine. I was a sweatin' fool and it felt amazingly good. It's a crazy busy day, I'm off to meet with a client but hopeful I can get in a lift later today...LATS!!! :)

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