Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walmart Hell

Okay...all you Facebook people had to see this one coming.

So as you know, last Tuesday was my twins' birthdays. Since 2006 it has arrived on the very same day each year, kinda like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day - you get the idea. I got an email from my ex-inlaws on the girls' birthday, the first email since I filed for divorce, informing me that they have just been so busy doing "nothing" (yes, that is a direct quote) in their retired lives that they are a bit late getting the gifts out. Well, it's cool that they actually bought gifts, I'm thinking to myself. A few days later two cards show up in the mail, each card containing a gift card to...WALMART. Hell.

Now, for those of you who live in other parts of the country and are thinking "what's wrong with Walmart?" let me tell you. Walmart in Washington is the nastiest place on earth. It's dirty, it's ghetto. Essentially, it is the worst shopping experience ever. If you have the urge to shop but really don't want to spend money - go to Walmart. If you have inlaws that you really dislike, send them a Walmart gift card...MAKE THEM GO and you can sit at home and laugh about it.

As I'm pushing the empty cart around Walmart thinking they must have something I need, I'm wishing I had a pair of latex gloves and finally it happens - yup, I started crying. What the hell are you crying about now, you ask? I think it was having the ex-mother in law on my mind and feeling like she purposefully sent me to hell....whether or not that was her intent. And also thinking about how just last week she sent me an email saying they weren't going to be able to come out this summer (darn!) and then I heard otherwise from Brett the night before. That left me scrambling to figure out how I am going to keep the alcoholic grandparents away from my children.

The bottom line: give the people you LIKE gift cards for Target...please!!!

I showered and I washed my hands a lot. I felt a little itchy all day too...hmmmm...yuck.

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