Friday, June 19, 2009

At the risk of sounding repetitive...

I was up until 11:30pm last night on a phone call. :( Heather woke up at 12:30am, needing covers and water. At 3:30am Hannah woke up needing covers and water. And finally, at 4:30am my alarm went off...time for cardio. Good thing I decided to skip the Ambien last night or I would certainly be a zombie today!!!

So...I'm doing my cardio this morning and working out all my "stuff" as I'm stepping away on the stepmill. I've always used cardio as therapy to work thru my "life stuff". Somehow it helps me clear my head and sweat out the negative vibes. As I was working thru the crap I had a major feeling of gratitude for my friends who are holding me back from falling over the edge right now. I am SO lucky. I am totally in "take" mode from my friends right now and can't believe how blessed I am to have a core group of friends who just keep giving more and more everyday. I consider myself to be a strong and determined individual, but I have to admit, this "life crisis" seems to be more than I can take. As I teeter on the brink of falling over the edge I am so glad that Kristie, Butch, Dave, Shaney, Cindy and Erica are standing right there holding me back, keeping me on solid ground. I know that I will get thru this with the help of my friends who strengthen me over and over and over again.

My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all of you. When this all comes to pass I promise to return the favor in your hour of need.

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