Thursday, June 25, 2009

13 Weeks to Spokane

Okay, a little closer than I thought. Yikes! I'm actually feeling like I'm in a good position going into this contest prep. A few tweaks heading into 12 weeks out, I'm sure, but I'm pretty much already on a contest prep program in my off season, so the initial changes shouldn't be too great.

My body is tired. My mind is tired too! I slept in again this morning and skipped my morning cardio, but I think it'll be okay. ;) My quads and glutes are still really sore from Tuesday's leg workout. Yesterday was back and it was not my most stellar workout ever. Didn't bring it. Just wasn't feeling strong. Probably the tequila and chocolate pudding cake from the night before. Hah! Tonight will be chest/tris and abs and of course I'll have to make up my cardio that I missed this morning.

My diet is pretty good, but I've become a little too dependent on protein powder, I think. I am anxious to hook up with Dave and have him look at my diet log and tweak it for me. I can do okay with my own diet, but I do much better when Dave just lays it out, meal by meal, and I can follow it. It leaves the guesswork out of it for me and these days when I'm on mental overload, having one less thing to think about is very nice. I'm hoping to see him in Renton on Sunday.

Sorry, Shaney, I know my diet and training is not nearly as exciting as my new ventures into single parenting, but...I do need that tiara!!! :)

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