Friday, May 1, 2009

Lose the Ego

Yesterday I had the pleasure of training with Anastasiya, aka "Lat Girl". We had a great back workout and holy crap, that girl is wicked strong! Here I am, struttin' in the gym thinking I'm so bad and can push (or in this case, pull) the heavy weights and Anastasiya comes in and is lifting more than most of the guys do. It was truly amazing to watch her lift. And talk about motivating!!! Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I am extremely competitive. So to have another girl be able to lift more than me (and a heck of a LOT more) is extremely motivating and will definitely be helpful in pushing me and driving me harder in the gym. I am hoping that we'll be able to catch a workout together here and there over the spring and summer. It's amazing fun to train with another female who loves to train HEAVY! And the other cool thing is that we are both similar body types - long and lean - and so we face the same challenges of putting on size.

Well, Monday begins "back to serious" training for me. I've been sorta taking it easy on my training these last two weeks as Dave advised. Still training pretty hard, but not pushing myself if I don't feel like it. That's all to change on Monday. Time to try and build some lean mass now for fall shows. My diet is pretty much dialed in (unless Dave tweaks it next week) so it's just a matter of cranking it up in the gym again. I am very much looking forward to it!!!

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