Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Feel GOOD, so GOOD!!!

I can't believe how great I feel this week. After being totally glum and down-in-the-dumps over the weekend, I am feeling super great!!! I have been sleeping really well at night which is a nice change! My diet is totally in check, which is a far cry from what happened after my fall shows when my ex-coach told me to "eat whatever you want". It's 6 days since the show and I can see my abs again and they actually look pretty good! I have a TON of energy and am able to focus it on my children, who suddenly have become less annoying. ;) My husband is thrilled that the laundry is caught up and I'm tackling chores around the house. I just hope he remembers these "good days" a few months from now when I'm back in full contest-prep-mode. Haha!!

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