Friday, October 17, 2008

24 Hours to Go!

And I cannot wait! I am really pumped about this competition. A lot more excited and a lot less nervous than for Ironman. I know what to expect. I know what I need to do and I got a great haircut yesterday to boot!

Today will be a mild "carb-up". Nothing too crazy, but closer to 300g today like I was last week. No frickin' rice cakes today. My carb sources will be red potatoes, oats, yams and brown rice. I'm dropping water today. I think Jon said I could have up to 32oz (oh geez, don't hold back!!) before 6pm tonight. Ugh! That is a far cry from my gallon a day. I'm also going to try taking XPel this time and will pop my first dose shortly. Not a big fan of using diuretics to achieve results, but I am carrying a good deal of water in the belly, so it would be nice to get that down so I don't have to suck in quite as hard. ;)

Today is tying up loose ends and packing. I've got to do my nails, go tanning, cook my foods and pack a cooler, find a blingy hair accessory and get in my last workout. D SLY approved an upper body circuit workout and more cardio. I'm going to try to pull off an hour of cardio after the circuit.

Yesterday was a panic about my tan color. Tanji told me to go to Emerald City Smoothie to buy my Jan Tana so I sent Brett. Well, they don't carry it anymore. Or ProTan. Nothin'. So Brett called all over the area trying to find some. Nothin'. Called Jan Tana, too late to ship it overnight. He called the guy that is spraying at the competition and he is going to spray me tomorrow morning at 8am for only $40!!! Such a deal. And Jon to the rescue as well giving me his leftover bottle of ProTan. Looks like I won't be the "white girl" on stage tomorrow. :)

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