Thursday, February 2, 2017

Let Things Come

I’ve always considered myself a “go-getter.” If I want something, I go get it. I work for it. I do what is necessary to achieve it. I’ve never been a person that has struggled with a passion for something but a few years ago that all changed. 

Sometimes life hits us with unexpected surprises and challenges that change the course of everything. Sometimes getting back “on course” is actually getting on a whole new course. But what happens when you don’t know what that course is? You don’t know what your purpose is? You don’t feel that drive to “go get it?” 

I guess this is when you “let things come.” You sit in the quiet, you pray and you listen for the Spirit to guide you. And you wait. You wait for answers. You wait for passion. You wait for drive. You wait for a Word that tells you “go this way!”

We can’t force passion. And if you’re a person who has never had a problem with finding your passion and suddenly you find yourself floundering, it can be very frustrating and confusing and discouraging. 

I think part of letting things come is also the ability to let things go. The last couple days my Facebook memories have been popping up reminding me that 6 years ago I opened my gym. It was my dream. I was so passionate about it. I hardly slept I was so excited about building my dream. I enjoyed watching my business grow and the lives that I was getting to impact. And only two years later it all “went up in smoke.” Losing my dream was devastating and because of the trauma I was going through it was a loss I didn’t have time to grieve. 

In order to let things come, we have to have room for them in our lives. If we are holding onto yesterday’s dreams, there’s probably not much room for new things to come. It can be hard to let things of the past go, especially when it was a loss we didn’t want and/or didn’t choose. When something was “taken” from us, it’s much harder to let go. 

We move so quickly from one circumstance to the next. One challenge to another. We don’t give ourselves the time to really go through the grieving process that is necessary to let things go - whether they are jobs, relationships, homes, finances, etc. Losing something significant in our lives, always requires us to process the grief. Sometimes this is a quick process and sometimes it takes a long time. 

As I was processing why it has been so difficult to “let things come” I realized that there’s not space for a new passion in my life because I haven’t properly grieved the passion, the dream that I lost. To be honest, I think a part of me is still numb and in disbelief that it’s gone. Surreal - was the whole thing all just a dream?

This is life, though. Things come and things go. But we have to embrace them and then release them in order for the process to take place. 

I want to let things come, but first I need to let some things go. 

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