Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heavy Lifting

As of tomorrow I will officially be 19 weeks away from my GOLD tiara at the 2012 30th Anniversary Emerald Cup!! Yeeeeah baby!! My workouts are going amazingly well. My body is feeling really strong, really healthy and really READY TO GO!! I've been hitting PRs on a lot of my lifts. 

Tonight was shoulders. I'm hitting the delts twice a week in hopes of "carving them out" as my friend Mark would say. I don't know how much size I can put on them, if any, in the next 19 weeks but I'm trying my damnedest! Tonight I hit the 40's on my dumbbell military presses.
As my lifts have been strong and I've been hitting new PRs I am reminded what it is I truly love about bodybuilding - the strength and empowerment that I get from lifting heavy things. Feeling physically strong makes me feel strong in every other area of my life. I love it. I probably have another 9+ weeks of feeling strong and hitting the max weights before I have to start my cutting diet. That should give me a good amount of time to make some good progress. Still hittin' the glutes twice a week as well and trying to tighten up the back end. 

Staying focused and having fun doing it!!

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