Thursday, July 7, 2011

The "T Zone"

Ah yes, welcome to the TESTOSTERONE ZONE...aka, the weight room! Call me sick, but I love it in the "T Zone". Not necessarily for the men, because let's be honest ladies, the eye candy are few and far between so if you're there you're definitely not there to get a date for Friday night.

I might be a little twisted (okay, there's no might involved, I totally am) but I get this private (now not so private) thrill out of looking totally girly (visual: Lulu skirt w/appropriately coordinating tank) and throwing heavy weight around. It does this funny thing to the dudes hanging out in the T-Zone. You walk up and the dudes are skeptical. They see you coming in your girly outfit and are ready for you to pick up the 5 pounders for some single arm dumbbell rows. When you grab the 60 and keep going up with each progressive set it really throws them for a loop. They get all confused and stuff. It's kind of entertaining. Meanwhile, you're all about business - you're here to train after all! By the time you're done with your focused, intense workout they're just left standing there wondering what the hell just went down.

Okay, so I don't get to have this thrill very often anymore now that I own my own gym and do all my heavy lifting there. I'm pretty sure everybody at Gold's thinks all I do for workouts is cardio...hah! I did a lift at Gold's on the 4th because it was more convenient. I expected it to be dead but it was actually pretty busy...with dudes. All the moms have since left now that the daycare has been shut down. At any rate...I'm supersetting Smith machine presses with dumbbell curls and I walk over to the dumbbell rack and get cut off by a T-Zone dude. One I do not know. Never seen him. Average build, kind buff, but nothin' to write home about. I was going for the 30's for my curls until dude cuts me off and takes them for himself. I kind of stand there for a minute looking for the second set of 30's...they're in use. Dude has started his set of curls and sooooo...okay, I'm not going to take the 25's which means I'm going to stand next to him curling 35's. Yup. I had to keep myself from giggling as I thought this was hysterical. I out-repped him. My thrills are cheap and easy...wait, I don't mean that how it sounds. Anyway hopefully I taught him a lesson - NEVER. EVER...cut off a badass chick in a skirt in the gym!

And this, my friends, is more than likely one very good reason why I do NOT have a boyfriend. Although...come on!!!...if you can't out curl me we just have nothing to talk about anyway. Seriously.

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