Sunday, July 25, 2010

Goodbye Water!!

Crazy week...I have dropped 6lbs since Tuesday (today is Sunday) and no, I'm not doing anything crazy. Food is the same (carb cycling is dialed in), water, sodium are also the same. And I am sweating like a freakin' pig when I do cardio. Like nasty sweating. Like I would look at me and think I was gross and weird!!! Today was my "endurance" cardio session for 90 minutes and I had to change clothes half way through as my shorts were absolutely drenched. It was not cool. Butch walked in during my last 3 minutes and gave me a bunch of grief for how much I was sweating...I literally gave the eliptical a bath. Not to worry, I'm a very good cleaner-upper!! I never leave the machine nasty like that.

In addition to happily losing 6lbs, 3 of my "gym dudes" told me in the last 5 days that they had to do a double take when they saw me because they couldn't get over how different I look. FINALLY!!!! I have waited for this day for MONTHS!!! It is hard to believe that my body held onto all this water for so long.

A few things I'm doing different in regards to supplementation:
#1...I dropped anything herbal. Anything with a "proprietary blend" of herbs on the label is not going in my body anymore
#2...I added Scivation Sesamin 3x a day
#3...Probiotics are KING!!!!

So, my supplements now look like this:
Multi vit/mineral - 3x a day
B Complex - 3x a day
Evening Primrose Oil - 3x a day
Sesamin - 3x a day
Fish Oil - 6x a day
Parrillo Advance Lipotropic - w/each meal
Probiotics - before bed

And I did a little coffee experiment this weekend too. For the last 3 days I have had 8oz or less of black coffee before my morning cardio. The last 2 days I've noticed that my heart rate is unusually high. It hasn't bothered me, but it's definitely not the norm. Today when I was on the step mill my friend Jon (the bodybuilder/trainer) got on next to me. I told him about my heart rate and he pointed at my coffee mug on the floor...caffeine. Duh, of course! I think my body's trying to tell me that every once in a while is okay, but I can't make the pre-cardio coffee a regular thing. Amazing how such a small amount can impact me when I used to have to drink so much to get any response. Listen to your knows what it needs and doesn't need...

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