Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Happy-Love List

My friend Julie, from Minnesota, recently posted this on Facebook with a list of things she "loves". I love the list, I LOVE focusing on the positive and all that is good and wonderful about life. I love giving thought to the things that make me happy, the things that fuel my fire for life. Following the quote is my list, in no particular order, with the exception of the first one on the list! ;)

"Practice Gratitude: By making a list of things you’re grateful for, you focus the brain on positive energy. Gratitude is incompatible with anger and stress. Practice using your under-utilized “right brain” and spread some love. Focusing on what you’re grateful for- even for five minutes a day- has the added benefit of being one of the best stress-reduction techniques on the planet." 

My 4 beautiful offspring
The smell of outside after a spring rain
Hanging flower baskets
The smell of my childhood home
Sitting on top of a mountain
5” heels
Caffe Ladro latte with a slice of pumpkin bread
Sweat dripping off my face during intense cardio
Friends who love me enough to tell me the truth, even when it hurts
The sound of iron plates clanging together in the gym
Negril Beach
Appleton Rum
Stinky-sweet morning breath of my children
Random “thinking of you” texts…for no particular reason
Coconut scented candles
Watching the sunset in Negril while sipping an ice cold cocktail
Body butter
Flip flops
MAC lipstick
My mom’s apple crisp w/homemade ice cream
Sunday morning reggae
Second chances
Knowing what it feels like to have 2 babies living in your body at the same time
Morning quiet time
My pink NaLa skirt
The powerful bond of treasured girlfriends
Rob Thomas – especially when he releases a new single or album
Top Foods parking lot and acting like a carefree 17 year old
Yummy red wine
Being in the moment


  1. I love it Julie! I just adore reading everyone's lists because they are so unique and special. No one has quite the same loves and it's just perfect. Thanks for doing this!! I'd love to compile everyone's together!! :)

  2. You definitely should do a compilation of everyone's list...hey, there's a book idea.

    I totally forgot and this is a MUST for my list...GLEEPING [JAMAICAN] TREE FROGS :)