Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coincidence? No such thing!!!

I finally ordered some Contest Brownie Mix from Parrillo last week. I've been dying to try it and finally ordered it after hearing rave reviews from friends who've used it and liked it. I have a huge sweet tooth and this is a great (and clean) way to satisfying the craving without having to resort to simple sugars (aka: junk food). I was delighted when the UPS man delivered my Parrillo box to my doorstep on Monday. I was ready to bust open that box and whip up a batch of brownies right away.

I opened the box and starting pulling out supplements, including a bottle of something-or-other that I didn't order. I scoured through the packing peanuts and NO brownie mix. I double checked the invoice to make sure I ordered the right thing and sure enough, I did. Last year's Julie would have been downright pissed off about this error. Who's slacking on the job? What idiot wasn't paying attention when they packed up my order? And while I was mildly bummed about not being able to eat my contest brownies right then and there, I decided to check out the mysterious bottle of "something-or-other" that had made it's way all the way from Ohio to my house in Washington.

Advance Lipotropic Formula - I headed straight for the Parrillo website to find out what this stuff is and if it would be something I might want to try. "Provides nutrients for accelerated fat metabolism. Increases glucose tolerance and stabilizes the body's reaction to glucose." Considering that I've recently given up my BSN Atro Phex fat burners (as they contain a high amount of caffeine-see coffee addict post below) this particular supplement was very appealing. Also, given that my body is still having some glucose tolerance issues, iit seemed like it might be the perfect thing to try. Caffeine free!!!

So, yep, I kept it. I figured it was no mistake that this little bottle ended up in my hands so I at least ought to give it a try. It's now part of my growing supplement arsenal. I had to place a new order for my brownie mix, so I'm looking at another week before I get the chocolate fix...

I stopped believing in coincidence about a year ago and started living my life realizing that everything happens for a reason and happens exactly as it's supposed to. I may not like it, but it's all unfolding according to the master plan. This instance is just a small, minor example of how a simple shift of thinking, shift of attitude can give you an entirely different experience. 

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