Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've been advised by my legal peeps to be very careful what I say. I have to tell you, that really pisses me off. Not that they advised me to be careful but the fact that people are so into game playing that they will take words and twist them to fit whatever purpose they need. I'm a "tell it like it is" girl. I don't mince words and I mean what I say and say what I mean. I don't play games. I certainly don't appreciate people who manipulate with words and play games with others to get what they want. Just not my thing. So now as I proceed with caution and be careful not to bare too much of my soul, God forbid it gets used against me at a later date.

Yesterday was my first day as an officially licensed Washington state real estate agent. I'm fortunate to be working with some really great agents who have a ton of experience and a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share that and mentor me as I delve into this new career. I am confident that this is something I can and will do really well in and it will also enable me to be involved with my kids' lives in the way that I desire and need to be.

Yesterday also marked the first day of our new living arrangements. I admit, I've been emotionally exhausted living in the same house for the last 4 weeks. The emotions have been running high, the sleep deprivation pretty severe on both ends and this does NOT make for a very healthy combination. I've been sleeping on the couch (or Kristie's mattress...LOVE her!) for the last 3 weeks now. My back is not really happy about that. Last night was my first night back in my Westin bed...ahhhhhhhhhh. Unfortunately, though, the Ambien didn't really work, I slept like poo and kept worrying that "someone" might come in during the night. Not really relaxing, but I'm sure as time moves on I will relax and sleep better.

Today is another day of meetings and mentoring and furthering-education RE classes. Kids are going to daycare at Crystals this morning and are very excited. Crystal was Brenden's daycare provider and has become like part of our family, so I'm excited that the girls will also get to experience the fun and the love at Crystal's.

And of course, a Tuesday is never complete without....10 sets of 10 in the squat rack. Got to BUILD THE BOOTY!!! :)

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