Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh, my legs!!!!

In an effort to add more "junk" to my "trunk" we worked legs last night. Hard and heavy. Did barbell squats, maxing at 205lbs which is a new high for me and yes, it was HEAVY!!! Followed those with Hack Squats, then walking [funky new] lunges with a 30lb-er. Finished the workout with some gnarly calf exercises: 6 sets on the seated raise and 3 sets on the smith machine. My calves and my quads are sooooooo sore this morning. Hopefully my butt will start to hurt later today as that will make me feel like I really worked it.

So, I have a confession. The girl at Saturday's posing class is serving as great motivation for me with my leg workouts. I just put a picture of her nice bubble butt in my head and somehow, I'm able to get lower and heavier. :-)

Today is "low carb day" and I hate it! Not that high carb day is much better, but I really find I look forward to that tiny green apple every other day. LOL! It is also "picture day", so Julie or Kristie will be taking some photos for me at the gym this morning and hopefully when Ashley sees them she will determine I need a cheat meal. :) Feeling pretty skinny this week, so no cardio today, just ab work.

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